A new blog post, hot off the press, written by myself and Sammie Buzzard from UCL, on motivating researchers to do good software (and data) management:

(The authors, yesterday.)


The Fake Map is not the Fake Land

This relates to what I’ve always said about synthesised data: you have to be very careful with it in case people mistakenly think it’s real…

This Bot Tweets a Totally Fantastical Map Every Hour


Humanities Data, redux

Here’s a nice paper from Rebecca Grant at the Digital Repository of Ireland, entitled “Identifying HSS Research Data for Preservation: A Snapshot of Current Policy and Guidelines”.

It cites a paper I co-authored with Marieke Guy and Laura Molloy a few years back, on the challenges of defining research data in creative arts environments.

As it happens, I was invited to speak about this topic at an event in Warsaw towards the end of last year. The presentations were recorded, so I’ll add a link to this post whenever mine emerges.

(Update: here’s the video)


Horizon 2020 and the social sciences: an overview

De Gruyter asked me to write a post for their Open Science blog about the Horizon 2020 open data pilot, specifically how it might affect the social sciences.

So I did.