Ways to Protect Your Data

A little light relief, which never hurts… (courtesy of the peerless McSweeney’s)

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Humanities Data, redux

Here’s a nice paper from Rebecca Grant at the Digital Repository of Ireland, entitled “Identifying HSS Research Data for Preservation: A Snapshot of Current Policy and Guidelines”.

It cites a paper I co-authored with Marieke Guy and Laura Molloy a few years back, on the challenges of defining research data in creative arts environments.

As it happens, I was invited to speak about this topic at an event in Warsaw towards the end of last year. The presentations were recorded, so I’ll add a link to this post whenever mine emerges.

(Update: here’s the video)


Horizon 2020 and the social sciences: an overview

De Gruyter asked me to write a post for their Open Science blog about the Horizon 2020 open data pilot, specifically how it might affect the social sciences.

So I did.


Why open access should be a key issue for university leaders

Here’s a great article by Martin Hall, VC at Salford and new(ish) chair at Jisc. Hall is a long-time advocate of open access and open data, and has spoken at a couple of events the DCC organised in conjunction with Salford.

“These massive digital data flows are the new raw materials for research. For highly complex problems such as climate change, epidemiology, financial stability and space exploration, access to global big data is already a basic condition for research to take place at all.”