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OA > data > code : a conversation

I’m on the Digital Preservation Coalition‘s Communication and Advocacy sub-committee, and recently they asked us all to propose ideas for blog posts.

Here’s what I came up with in tandem with my old pal Jez Cope, Research Data Manager at the University of Sheffield. [LINK]


Inside Facebook’s data centre

Here’s a nice story from last year about the steps that facebook (and Google et al) are taking with their new data centres. (Whispered spoiler: they’re going to great lengths, to the extent of designing their own server hardware.) 

People who liked seeing the inside of the Death Star will like this.


I’ll be using this site to keep track of my publications, presentations, and sundry musings around the area of research data management and digital preservation/curation in general. That ridge-y thing underneath you that you’ve just suddenly become aware of? That’s the edge of your seat my friend.