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Metadata! No, wait, come back! It’s about cool stuff!

Interesting piece in The Atlantic about how Netflix created a resource of genre metadata about the film canon, and now use it to analyse what audiences are interested in. Which in turn influences movie producers re. what is likely to be popular. Which is in itself a bit of a problem: if all your recommendations are based on things you already like, how do you discover anything really new? Hopefully there’s a clever answer to that too…

Years ago I wrote to the All Music Guide (as it was then) to find out a bit more about their own descriptive metadata, which can be a bit esoteric. They never replied, but here’s the Tom Waits entry, just for fun.

Artists Moods

Artists Themes


The BBC’s Olympic Data Team

A theme is starting to emerge: that data management is at its least boring when it concerns sport and music. Oh, and The Wire.

Here’s a great post from the BBC’s Olympic Data Team (that’s data about the Olympics, not data of Olympian standard… although perhaps that too) giving an under-the-hood look at their real-time data delivery system. It all sounds pretty impressive to this technical layman, and if it gets me my sporting stats in jigtime then I’m all in favour.



Prozone: in-depth football data

Here’s some less boring data management


Physical, tactical & Technical Data
PROZONE3 provides 2D animation and video-enhanced physical, technical and tactical performance insights.
With such a breadth of player tracking and statistical match event information, PROZONE3 offers a level of physical, technical and tactical data that’s unmatched by any other performance analysis application.
PROZONE3 allows management and coaching staff to objectively and reliably analyse every aspect of the game including team, unit and player analysis, presented through interactive distribution maps, 2D animation and video clips. The interactive presentation makes this wealth of performance information easy to understand and simple to navigate.